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Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Discounted Bundle

Includes 5 best practice e learning courses designed to upskill employees and managers in the areas of unconscious Bias, use of Inclusive Language, Supporting Neurodivergent employees, LGBTQ+ colleagues and transgender employees

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Transgender Inclusiveness




Neurodiversity – Creating an Inclusive Workplace: Online E-Learning Course



 Inclusive language


Unconscious Bias


Diversity Equality and Inclusion Courses Available

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Transgender Inclusiveness

Being aware of and understanding transgender terms and language is a step we can all take to create a supportive and inclusive work environment for our trans colleagues. Creating awareness on transgender inclusion and embracing steps to root transgender inclusion into an organisation’s workplace culture are all positive steps. This course contains practical tools and advice on ensuring our trans colleagues can be themselves when they come to work.

This course includes

  • Understanding what is gender identity and transgender
  • Gaining an insight into the legislation governing transgender in the workplace
  • Gain an insight into practical tips on how to foster a culture where transgender colleagues can feel safe to be themselves in the workplace
  • Come away with practical solutions and tips on what to do should a colleague inform you about their intention to transition.

Neurodiversity – Creating an Inclusive workplace

Neurodiversity is a word used to describe the unique ways our brains work – we all have a brain but each one works in its own way.

Roughly 10% – 20% of the global population are said to fall under the neurodiverse umbrella and in Ireland research tells us that 1 in 65 people are autistic with 85% being unemployed. In this course we describe what it means to be neurodivergent and explain common neurodiverse terms.

This course includes

  • Introduction, definitions and terms
  • What it means to be neurodivergent, strengths, challenges and effects on mental health
  • Discrimination and Legislation protecting those who fall under a protected characteristic such as sex, race, age, martial status
  • Inclusive recruitment unconscious Bias, Culture and support

Supporting our LGBTQ+ work colleagues

LGBTQ+ inclusivity is essential today in the workplace. It demonstrates a commitment to equality, respect and acceptance of all regardless of sexual identity, gender and gender expression. This commitment to inclusivity also helps increase productivity, morale and a sense of belonging.

Moreover, it ensures that everyone is empowered to bring their authentic selves to work which is an integral part of creating a safe, positive and inclusive environment.

This course includes

  • A greater awareness of what LGBTQ+ means and terms associated
  • The legislation supporting it backed up with some case law examples
  • Strategies and ideas to support and build an inclusive work place where everyone feels they belong

Inclusive Language

Creating an inclusive culture through language is a great way to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace as it shapes our perceptions, attitudes and interactions.

By using inclusive language we can demonstrate respect, empathy and understanding for our work colleagues regardless of their background, identity or ability.

This interactive course introduces inclusive language, terms and principles to guide and support you on your journey of diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.

This course includes

  • Define the importance of Inclusive language in the work place
  • Review language to understand how it can be truly inclusive
  • Recognise if your brand is inclusive and outline ways to ensure it is
  • Describe how inclusive language can play a role in shaping your company culture

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is a term that describes the associations we hold, outside our conscious awareness and control. Unconscious bias affects everyone. It can influence key decisions in the workplace and can contribute to inequality. As leader we need to invoke a no tolerance approach and actively challenge biases when witnessed.

This course includes

  • Introduction and definitions
  • Overview of Legislation protecting who may be subject to Unconscious Bias or Discrimination
  • Ways to manage Unconscious Bias and review of associated case law
  • Review the impacts of discrimination using case studies and how we can prevent in the workplace
  • Examine stereotypes, how they form, positive and negative effects and how to prevent

Benefits of Diversity & Inclusion E Learning

Diversity sets one individual apart from another while Inclusion values these differences

Gain – Stay ahead of the curve by gaining skills to effectively support a diverse workforce and navigate challenges you encounter with confidence. CPD Certified Courses with downloadable cert on completion.
Delivery – E Learning, Virtual Classroom or In Person training options
Audience – Business Owner, Leaders, HR business partners
Expertise – Experienced trainers with vast experience in soft skills training
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