Dignity & Respect in the Workplace

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About this Programme

This course has been designed to provide employees of Harry Corry with an understanding of what is meant by dignity and respect while at work. This course will take 1 hour to complete.

You will be required to take a quick test at the end of each module.

The spiral of positivity is the FOUNDATION of You Are The

This is a CPD accredited course.

Course Outline


A Greater Understanding of what is meant by Dignity & Respect in the Workplace


What Constitutes Bullying, Harassment & Sexual Harassment including reference to case law.

Learners will gain an insight into the different concepts that is bullying and harassment including examples of each we will look at workplace banter.

Build an Awareness of the Options Available under Company Policy

Should you be subjected to bullying or harassment, you will be made aware of all available options under company policy with a focus on early intervention as a means of resolution.

Cultivating Positive Workplace Culture

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